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Локални Младински Стратегии


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(Veles, 07 November 2011) Within the project “Local Youth Strategies”, implemented in Negotino, Veles and Debar, the ongoing process is the finalization of Local Youth Strategies and the Action Plans for implementation of the local youth strategies.

The Municipal Council of Veles on the 7th of November adopted the Local Youth Strategy, and it is expected this action to be followed by the Municipal Councils of Negotino and Debar. In the next period it is expected in these cities public discussions on the local youth strategies to be organized.

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Training for creating Local Youth Strategies

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In the period of 27 - 29 of April 2011 in hotel Biser - Struga, training for creation of Local Youth Strategies (LYS) was organized. In this training participated representatives of Local Self-Governments and civil society organizations from: Negotino, Veles and Debar.

The participants in this training acquired knowledge for the steps for creating LYS, the role of Local Self-Governments and the relevant stakeholders in the process, template for creating the strategy, meaning and preparation of the Action Plan and measurement of the achievements.

This training is being organized within the project “Creation of Local Youth Strategies”. Which the Coalition SEGA implements in partnership with the Agency for youth and sports of the Republic of Macedonia, and is financed with the CIVICA Mobilitas Programme (implemented by CIRa, and financed by SDC) and 3 municipalities (Negotino, Veles and Debar).

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(Prilep, 31.03.2011) After the implemented project of the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA for creation of Local Youth Strategies in the municipalities, the local self-governments of Debar, Negotino, Veles and Chair, recently committed to create local youth strategies in their municipalities. It is about five-year strategies which appointed the key priorities of the young people, and the municipalities are committed to facilitate the implementation of these strategies. The strategy is designed aiming to improve the life of the young people, but as well to enable them to influence on the local self-government policies, for questions related to the needs and the life of the youngsters.

The Municipal Councils of Prilep, Kavadarci, Gevgelija, Radovis, Tetovo and Ilinden last year adopted the local youth strategies, while it is expected this year municipalities of Bitola, Sveti Nikole, Stip and Kisela Voda to follow their steps.

The project encompasses activities for determination of the needs and possible solutions which should compose the content of the local youth strategies, i.e. the priorities of the young people, in each municipality individually, and the possible solutions as well. Through surveys, interviews and discussions, with young people aged 15 - 29, the project for creation of local youth strategies has shown that the priority problems of the youth from all the municipalities are the unemployment and the weak sport and cultural offer in the cities. Part of the youth in different municipalities emphasized the deviant appearances, weak youth activities and lack of informal education as priority youth problems.

“In order to meet the needs of the young people it is significant to have coordination among the local institutions, which is the aim of adoption of local youth strategy in a municipality”, says from the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, which are continuing to implement this project in the other cities from Macedonia.

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The Municipalities accepted the Local Youth Strategies

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(04 January 2011) The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA within the project “Creating Local youth Strategies” succeeded in 10 municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia, to assert the need for adoption of local youth strategies, in order to determine and realize the priorities of the young people in those municipalities.

Part of the municipalities involved in the project: Gevgelija, Tetovo, Ilinden – Skopje and Radovish, in which already in December, last year, accepted and adopted the local youth strategies, while, in the local self-governments of Prilep, Sv. Nikole, Kavadarci, Kisela Voda – Skopje, Bitoal and Stip, it is expected to be adopted at the beginning of this year.

The priorities of the LYS are based on the findings of the research conducted on 1040 young people from the selected municipalities. The process of preparation of the LYS was implemented within the coordinative bodies and working groups, consisted by representatives of different institutions and organizations at local level.

The project “Creating Local Youth Strategies” of the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is supported with the CIVICA Mobilitas Programme and as well by the Agency for Youth and Sport, and the local self-governments involved in the project.

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The need for including the youth in decision making process – NECESSITY!

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At the meeting of the Municipal Council of Gevgelija held on 07th of December 2010 the first Local Youth Strategy was adopted. It is expected that by the end of this month Local Youth Strategies to be adopted in other 09 municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia: Prilep, Bitola, Tetovo, Ilinden, Kisela Voda, Sveti Nikole, Kavadarci, Radovis and Stip. Thus, the young people will have more opportunities for putting their ideas into reality with the support of the Local Self-governments, which is long term aim of SEGA.
The Coalition SEGA implements the project “Creating Local Youth Strategies” with support provided by the Civica Mobilitas Programme, the Agency for youth and sport of the Republic of Macedonia and the ten Local Self-Governments involved in the project activities.

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