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SEGA Activities 2009

Funded four initiatives in Resen, Radovish and Stip

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Project: Youth Councils in Municipalities

In November 2009 in the frames of the project “Youth Councils in the Municipalities” was funded by ISC and USAID four initiatives in the municipalities of Resen, Radovish, and Stip were funded by Coalition SEGA with a total cost of 132 790.00 Denars. The initiatives aimed to solve specific problems of the young people from these communities.

Two initiatives totaling 62 580.00 Denars were funded in Resen after being proposed by the Coordinative body of the Youth Parliament in that municipality. The first initiative, "Strengthening the Capacities of Youth Handball Players in Resen,” aimed at raising awareness among young people for active involvement in sport. Some key activities that were undertaken for this initiative were the procurement of the clothing and balls for WHC Prespa (women’s handball club) and the payment of referee and match fees. The second initiative “Cultural Olympiad” was aimed at increasing youth interest in visiting cultural events and promoting the creation of art. Art, music, and literature open days were held for this initiative.

In the municipality of Radovish the initiative “Stop Alcohol” with a budget of 28 090.00 Denars was funded after it was proposed by the Coordinative Body of the Youth Parliament in Radovish. This initiative aimed to increase awareness among young people 13-20 years old about the consequences of alcohol abuse. This objective was achieved by distributing flyers, organizing sport event, and holding two educational workshops on the subject.

In the municipality of Stip the initiative “Cultural Website to Inform Young People in Stip” with a budget of 42 120.00 was funded after it was proposed by the Coordinative Body of the Youth Forum in Stip. The initiative aimed to raise the level of culture and to increase the critical consumption of the arts among young people in Stip. To achieve this goal the members of the Youth Forum gathered information about cultural events in the municipality of Stip and created a website (www.kultzon.mk) on which these information will be published. 



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Project: “Invest in your education”

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The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA on the 1st of February 2010 will start to implement the project “Invest in your education”. The aim of this project is to direct young people in their decision for appropriate high education according to the needs of labor market and economic needs. The project also targets the business sector analyzing its conditions and needs for working staff in the community.


Foreseen activities of the project are: organizing meetings at local level, organizing tribunes at local level, organizing workshops for developing critical opinion and preparation and distribution of a flyer. Direct project consumers are 1000 youngsters at the age of 17 – 18 from: Prilep, Ohrid, Struga, Stip and Skopje with different ethnic and religious background. Indirect consumers will be around 8550 young graduates in high school in these 5 cities. The project will be implemented in the period of 4 months and is financed by the General Secretariat of the Government of Republic of Macedonia.

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Local MPs are informed of the current youth participation

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On the 24th of December 2009 in Tetovo and on the 25th of December 2009 in Prilep, the Municipal Councils held Sessions. Representatives of Coalition SEGA disseminated folders, pens and analyses of conducted mapping process for youth participation and gender equality to the local MPs. On 29th of December 2009 in Ohrid at the Session of the Municipal Council, the local MPs will receive materials as well. The aim of this activity is to inform the local MPs for the current state with youth participation.

This activity has been implemented in the frame of the project “Youth participation in policy making processes on local level – Include us NOW”.


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Organized Training on youth participation

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In the period of 18th – 20th of December 2009 in hotel Oaza – Stip training on youth participation was organized. This is an activity within the project “Promoting youth activism in underdeveloped regions”, financed by National Endowment for Democracy. Representatives of the member organizations of SEGA, involved in this project, participated at the training. This training aimed to inform the participants about youth information, actual states and the legal framework in this area in Macedonia and EU.

The participants of this training acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for youth participation. Also the participants were introduced to basic models of youth participation, features of leadership and team effectiveness in front of public.




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Organized Training of Trainers

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A Training of Trainers (ToT) was held in Shtip at the Oaza Hotel from 04-06 December 2009. This activity is within the project, “Promotion of youth activism in underdeveloped regions,” funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. 10 participants attended the training course - representatives from member organizations of Coalition SEGA from Prilep, Bitola, Kavadarci, Negotino, Skopje, Delchevo, Sveti Nikole, and Strumica. The purpose of this Training (ToT) was to familiarize the participants with youth participation as well as the current situation and legal framework of youth participation within Macedonia and the EU and then to enable these youths to prepare and conduct a youth participation training.

The participants have gained the theoretical knowledge, practical approaches, and real-world skills necessary to organize training sessions for youth participation. These future Trainers learned the basic models of youth participation, methods of operation and delivery, and the skills necessary to be successful Trainers. At the close of the training, the participants were shown how to replicate the delivery of training for youth participation.



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