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"На децата со било каков вид на пречки во развојот треба да им се пружи посебна грижа и подршка за да можат да водат независен живот."
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YMCA Bitola

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address: Vasko Karangelevski REMO 1/3/42 - 7000 Bitola
telephone/fax: 047 529 366
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
web: www.ymcabitola.org.mk

YMCA is an international, voluntary, nongovernmental, nonprofit, ecumenical youth organization independent from politics and religion. YMCA is spread in 125 countries worldwide and has over 45 million members. At the moment YMCA is one of the biggest youth organizations in the world. The Headquarters of the World Alliance of YMCAs is in Geneva, Switzerland and the headquarters of YMCA Europe is in Prague, Czech Republic. YMCA Europe consists of 40 movements (countries) and has over 6 800 local associations. YMCA Europe extends from the Azores in the west to Novosibirsk in east and from Malta in the south to the Polar Circle in the north.

YMCA through its programs aims to make young people grow in the wholeness of spirit, mind and body. The awareness to form future generations of people with adaptability, tolerance, who understand and help those close to them, gives to the YMCA the necessary strong motivation to continue to follow the road less taken for more than 150 years ago. That this is the right path with the right efforts is shown by the number of volunteers who join the movement every year.

YMCA in different countries is known by different names depending on their languages. In Macedonia and other countries in South Eastern Europe, YMCA is known as IMKA. The sign of YMCA is a red triangle with the motto “for healthy spirit, mind and body”.

Fields of work

YMCA serves people of all ages, incomes, abilities, races, and religions. Bound by a common mission, each branch functions independently, responding to the needs of its community. Today YMCA is involved in almost every corner of the social, economical and cultural life. Its distribution around the world enables different parts of the world to focus on different problems of the people which is exceptional for YMCA. In this context we'll mention a portion of its working range:

  • Equal rights and opportunities for all and building a righteous human society based on peace, love and tolerance;
  • Development of Christian values among young people through culture, sport and recreation, and other programs;
  • Development of the personality as a whole (spirit, mind and body);
  • Enabling youth to take on bigger commitments as well as responsibilities;
  • Protection of the rights of women and children;
  • Offering solutions for vices which are part of the modern lifestyle;
  • Help for older people, disadvantaged, homeless etc.;
  • Help in work with handicapped people;
  • Solidarity with the poor as well as ethnically, racially and religiously oppressed people;
  • Application of dialogue, understanding and coexistence between people from different religions and ideologies as well as mediation and reconciliation in conflict situations;
  • Preservation of the family as a basic unit in society;
  • Protection of natural wealth and preservation of a healthy environment;
  • Fight against unemployment, etc.

YMCA is realizing all these directly through its members.

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