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"Образованието треба целосно да го развие карактерот и талентите на детето. Тоа треба да ги поттикнува децата да ги почитуваат своите родители, својата култура како и другите култури."
Член 29, Конвенција за правата на детето








Youth Council Prilep

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address: Kire Risteski 11A - 7500 Prilep   
telephone/fax: 048 523 390;
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Web: www.ycp.org.mk



Youth Council Prilep (YCP) was founded in 1999 as a youth nongovernmental organization in Prilep, Macedonia focused on the Pelagonia region of Macedonia. YCP seeks to build the capacity of young people in a participative and sustainable manner.

Youth Council Prilep has consistently shown excellence in the youth field through its work in a wide variety of youth work. Youth Council Prilep, together with Youth Council Ohrid and HOPS, founded the Coalition of Youth organizations SEGA, the leading national umbrella group of youth organizations in Macedonia.

Youth Council Prilep is unique in the area because no other nongovernmental organization can mobilize as many young people. YCP not only provides services and opportunities for young people and volunteers, but actively seeks to involve them in the decision making processes of the organization. YCP seeks to positively impact to young people. The organization creates youth leaders by giving youngsters opportunities to build their capacities and make youth more competitive in society.

In short, Youth Council Prilep works for youth with youth.


Youth Council Prilep is a sustainable leading organization on the local and regional level, a reliable partner in the creation and the implementation of youth policy along with all key stakeholders. Our work as a visible and recognized organization is based on democratic values enabling youth to be creative and active citizens.


Youth Council Prilep supports young people to participate in democratic processes, empowering them to grow into active citizens.


-           Youth friendly

-           Volunteerism

-           Creativity

-           Transparency

-           Accountability

-           Intercultural atmosphere

-           Commitment of staff

-           Confidence in the success of the organization

-           Gender Equality

-           Friendship

-           Democratic  values


Youth Council Prilep will support young people in the region by implementing more projects to help young people. We will provide youngsters with opportunities to improve their capacities and creativity through workshops, trainings, seminars and social events. The impact of our work will improve the effectiveness of youth participation in the educational institutions and will develop new participatory mechanisms. Youth Council Prilep will increase the mobility of young people and will bring Europe closer to the youth through increased opportunities for youth mobility including international events such as youth exchanges, international trainings and seminars. Youth Council Prilep will seek to accomplish these aims in a sustainable manner.    

Strategic Goal 1

Support young people in the region

Youth Council Prilep seeks to help young people develop to their full potential. Currently young people in the region face lack of opportunities to develop themselves professionally socially and culturally. Youth Council Prilep offer activities, trainings workshops and other opportunities for young people in the region to improve themselves professionally. Youth Council Prilep provides youth friendly space and organize social events for youngsters to meet other youngsters. In addition Youth Council Prilep seek to promote the cultural values in the community and allow young people to express themselves.

Strategic Goal 2

Increase youth participation in the communities

Youth Council Prilep work to increase the effectiveness of existing forms of youth participation by improving the youth participatory bodies in the high schools, and the student unions in the faculties. At the same time Youth Council Prilep promote and develop new mechanisms for youth participation including Local Youth Councils and Youth Parliaments. Youth Council Prilep seeks to involve young people in all phases of community service and community development activities from planning to implementation to evaluation.

Strategic Goal 3

Bring Europe closer to the youth

Youth Council Prilep as an organization with international experience in organizing youth exchanges, international trainings and seminars and offering EVS opportunities endeavor to inform young people of the possibilities for youth mobility. These possibilities not only include opportunities for young people from Macedonia to travel abroad, but also give the chance for Young Europeans to experience Macedonian culture as Volunteers through the European Voluntary Service. At the same time the European volunteers will promote European values to young people in Macedonia. 

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